Heine Customer Club

Exclusive event for premium customers. TYP Akademie offered an exclusive weekend for Heine customer club’s premium members, including personal beauty advice. All the participants received an individual styling consultation and took part in an etiquette and table manners seminar, complemented with fine wines. Learn more [PDF]


Gala Glamour Days

125 participants experience the TYP Akademie team of experts

TYP Akademie organised a nationwide tour to six exclusive hotels for the coffee brand Gala (from Eduscho.) The presenter, Rainer Wälde, lead people through the programme of events. At each event 25 participants learned first-hand what is important for the perfect evening look.

Volksbanken Region Stuttgart

800 Business Women at an Evening Seminar

Several branches of the Volksbank in the Stuttgart region offer an evening event for business women. The whole programme was designed and developed by TYP Akademie exclusively for this evening seminar. As presenters, Ilona Dörr-Wälde and Rainer Wälde lead everyone through the evening with live demonstrations and interviews.


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